Wildland Fire

Fire Restrictions
There are currently no fire restrictions on private lands in Archuleta County.


Wildland Fire Management
By Colorado State Statute the County Sheriff has the responsibility of wildland fire suppression on unincorporated land within a County.  To this end, our division seasonally staffs a wildland fire crew to manage fires within the county's jurisdiction.  In addition members of our permanent staff specialize in wildland fire operations and management.  Under our wildland fire management responsibilities, our division also addresses the issues of the wildland-urban interface, where populated areas border with wildland areas.

Archuleta County Wildland Fire Plans
Archuleta County Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Division Fire Equipment

Command Vehicles, Type 4 Engines, and 6x6 ATV

Engine 631 is a Type 6 engine that responds to fires with 3 crew members

Engine 431, a two and a half ton truck that has been converted into the type 4 engine.

Engine 432, another two and a half ton truck has been converted into a a type 4 engine.

The 6x6 ATV aids the fire crew in bring heavy equipment on the fire line if the terrain allows and if the fire is not in the Wilderness boundary

How to be involved with the Sheriff's Wildland Fire Crew  
Archuleta County is seeking volunteers to help during the wildland fire season. You must be 18 or older, in good health, and able pass a physical test. The test is comparable to hiking with a large backpack. We will send you to training and issue gear at no cost to you!
If you are interested or have any questions please call 970-731-4799 or Christina at 970-444-2503